Welcome to Zeitgeist Creations, an independent publishing and creations house in Western Australia.

Since 2016 the business has been a slow burn as we’ve been fitting it in with our day jobs. Thanks to Covid-19 we’ve had time to think about how to get going.

Our main focus has been on applying the skills and experiences gained over three decades of professional research to a range of creative endeavours.  The first was a series of small, easy to read books. We currently have 14 books produced (see Books tab). The areas include:

Covid-19 e.g. Lessons learnt

Mental Health  e.g. Me Time; 50 Ways To Grieve Your Lover

Work e.g. Freelance Life

Writing e.g. FAQ writing an ebook.

Our future will see us explore other creative ventures including videos, cartoons, fashion, homewares. So watch this space.