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50 Ways To Grieve Your Lover

50-ways-small-websiteProfiled in Seth Godin’s book about people making a difference.

Suddenly widowed and not knowing what to expect, Glennys turned to her research skills to find answers. However she soon found there were few books on the market that looked beyond the funeral and few with any element of humour. When people started asking her for advise she decided to publish what she had learnt, use the book to honour her partner cartoonist Michael Collins by including some of his work, and raise funds for depression research. Written as a series of emails to a friend it covers the first 12 months after the funeral.

The book has been used by: Solaris Care Cancer Support; Carers Australia; Australian Red Cross; NZ Counsellors Association. It was employed during the NZ Pike Mine Disaster and Victorian Bush Fires. As a result of the book the author was profiled by US internet and marketing guru Seth Godin, in his book about people making a difference.

Aside from widows it has also been used after other periods of loss e.g. divorce. Featured in: Community Newspapers; talkback radio

To buy: on Amazon for around $3.99 go to link here For a hardcopy contact us via the contact tab $20 (AUS) +postage at cost. Workshops: Glennys runs workshops on Moving Through Grief


Me Time: 100 Strategies for Guilt Free Me Time

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Winner: People’s Choice Award at the Australian Social and Market Research Society (WA) Conference 2013.

We all want more Me Time, but how do we get it … and how do we enjoy it … guilt free?

In a survey undertaken by Procter and Gambles’ Ivory brand in 2011 they found that 66% of American mothers confessed to hiding in the bathroom to get some Me Time. Australian social researcher Glennys Marsdon, spent 9 months chatting to Australians about their strategies for gaining Me Time.

Yes, hiding out in bathrooms was a popular choice for Australian mums too,’ said Glennys

In the 1980s ‘Greed Is Good’ era, Glennys often worked through the night developing marketing strategies for blue chip clients. Years later while catching up with colleagues she saw the direct impact of lives lived fast. In 2010 while researching a major social issue across Australia her client explained that ‘all nighters’ would be required to meet an unrealistic deadline … nothing had changed. So she took nine months off to talk to a wide range of Australians about their attempts to build a balanced life. During the research she uncovered a key barrier to Me Time … guilt.  She realised it wasn’t enough to just outline some real-life strategies, she needed to explore ways to reduce the guilt. By reviewing medical literature and talking to experts she uncovered some interesting facts, such as … couples in workaholic marriages tend to have twice the divorce rate or only 2% of us can truly multi-task effectively. Featured in The West Australian.

To buy: For a hard copy at $20 + postage, please contact us via the contact tab. EBook format via Amazon (without the pictures) click here for around $5.00. Free 6 Tips for Me Time available on The Ponder Room blog. Workshops: Glennys runs workshops on How To Get Guilt Free Me Time


Freelance Life: An Action Plan to Becoming  A Successful Six Figure Freelancer

Glennys has lived the Freelancer life for two decades and has lost count of the number of people asking her for the secret. This usually happens around tax time or when workplaces are restructuring.

freelance action plan cover smallest

Recently she was asked to run a workshop for people interested in joining this lifestyle and while preparing for it she realised there were twenty questions that’d show whether they were ready or not.

This book outlines those twenty questions. By answering each question readers end up with an Action Plan to start them on their way.

To buy: The book is available on Amazon click here for around $6.00


Pondering about …. Food

Pondering About -Food jpegA collection of humorous ponderings about food. This book contains seven short essays about food.

To buy: The book is available on Amazon click here for around $4